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What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are in-mold, handcrafted pools that arrive at your home ready to be installed in your yard. The fiberglass is created from millions of interwoven glass threads covered with a polyester resin. It’s an incredibly sturdy material that’s ideal for an in-ground pool. 


Customers will engage with our team during a series of collaborative meetings. We help you choose the best size and features for your pool needs.  Fiberglass forms come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Process

We strive to make the construction process stress free and hands-off for the customer.  All of our teams are in-house, making communication seamless.

Latham Vinyl Liner Patterns

All of our fiberglass pools are manufactured by Latham,  the leader in fiberglass in the pool industry.  Latham is an established provider with a proven history of quality and customer satisfaction.

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