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Tom Knickerbocker


Tom leads every corner of the business and especially inground pool construction.   His super power is solving the unsolvable, his unparalleled work ethic, and fierce customer-centric business style.  You’ll see him zipping between construction sites, meeting with customers, and even manning the excavator on occasion.  Outside of work, Tom enjoys motorcycles, sailboats, cycling with his family, and playing with his granddaughter.

Austin Knickerbocker


Austin’s primary roles at the company are business finance, accounting, construction management, and marketing coordinator.  He remains the foremost expert on automatic pool covers, liner installation, and most things pool related.  He grew up working in the business and is constantly pushing the company to innovate and improve.    Outside of work, Austin enjoys Ironman triathlons, rock climbing, and pottery.

Bret Knickerbocker

HR/ Legal

Bret grew up in the business alongside his father and grandfather working on the construction crews.  He earned his business degree from The Ohio State University and then his law degree from the University of Kentucky.  Bret specializes in inground pool construction, human resources, and process improvement.  Outside of work he enjoys Crossfit, raising chickens, and hiking with his wife and daughter.

Dave Kramer

General Manager

Dave has been with the company for 24 years, 18 years as general manager.  Beloved by customers for his frankness and tremendous wealth of knowledge, Dave is known by our staff for his legendary work ethic and hands-on management style.  Outside of work, Dave loves running with his two kids, volunteering for his alma mater at Carol High School, and cheering for the UD Flyers.

Nancy Knickerbocker


Nancy co-owns the business with her husband, Tom, and is the company’s foremost expert on products and pool/spa care.    She plays a pivotal role in the retail and administrative sides of the business.  She is known for being fiercely customer-service focused.  Outside of work, you’ll find her running with friends, hosting family dinners, and watching Frozen with her granddaughter.

Scott D.

Senior Service Technician

Scott is the company’s most senior employee, leading our service department technicians for the last 35 years.  Scott specializes in the company’s most complex jobs including spa repair, leak detection, and heater repair.  Scott is beloved for his wealth of knowledge and wisdom about the pools and spas.  He enjoys a strong cup of coffee in the morning and poking fun at the other technicians.  Outside of work, he’s an avid outdoorsman, blue music fan, and loving grandfather


Office Manager

Kayla joined the company in 2014 working as a sales associate before becoming the Xenia store manager and then office manager.  She manages a buzzing office coordinating not only all the construction projects but also the six retail stores and business accounting.  Her sharp organizational skills and can-do attitude makes her an invaluable part of the team.  Outside of work, Kayla enjoys relaxing on the beach, hiking, and playing with her daughter.


Lead Service/Construction Technician

Justin joined Knickerbocker team in 2013 and has worked in every corner of the business.  He particularly specializes in pool liners and automatic covers.   Justin graduated from Wright State University and played on the Cincinnati State soccer team.  Outside of work, Justin can be found playing sand volleyball with his wife and friends.

Scott S.

Lead Service Technician

Scott specializes is our toughest and most complicated service jobs such as spa and heater repairs.  Customer adore him for his kind, patient, and informative personality.  Outside of work he enjoys playing with his grandchildren and building his derby car for the Greene County Fair.


Lead Service Technician

Todd joined the Knickerbocker team in 2021 after moving back to Ohio after a long pool technician career in Florida.  He likes to look sharp and do whatever needs done to make a job perfect.  Outside of work he enjoys hunting, remodeling his home, and Steelers football.


Lead  Service Technician

Mark joined the service department team in 2022 and specializes in automatic pool covers and pool equipment installation.  Mark is known for being thorough on the jobsite and never missing a detail.  Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and two kids.


Robotics Director

Mike joined our service department in 2021 as a robotic cleaner technician following a long career at Delphi.  He loves working with electricity and fixing anything you can throw at him.  He brightens everyone’s day with his helpful hand and warm spirit.  Outside of work, you’ll find him on the golf course and spending time with his family.


Heavy Equipment Operator/ CDL Driver

Kurt joined the team as a CDL driver and heavy equipment operator in 2023.  Kurt comes from a long career in the farm industry in Bowling Green, Ohio.  At work, he’s a busy bee constantly managing our vehicle fleet, greasing machinery, and organizing up the tools.  Outside of work, he’s the ultimate family man to his wife, 4 kids, and 9 grandchildren.


Administrative Assistant

Dan joined the team in 2022 as a pool technician and now serves as an administrative assistant at our headquarters.  Dan uses his experience as a technician and kind personality to provide terrific customer service from the office with billing, construction logistics, and customer communication.  Outside of work, Dan enjoys trivia, comedy, and spending time with his family.


Service Department Manager

Sara started at Knickerbocker in 2007 and has been the service department manager since 2018.  She is the air traffic controller of our bustling and growing service department, managing up to seven crews working all over Southwestern Ohio!  Before joining our team, Sara was an elementary school teacher in Beavercreek.  She also leads the company spirit committee!  Outside of work, Sara enjoys playing soccer at spending time with her family.


Tipp City Manager

Tosha has been a manager at Knickerbocker since 2012.  Her customers love her for her incredible knowledge of pools and spas.  She’s a passionate grandma of six and loves swimming in her inground pool at home.


Tipp Assistant Manager

Alysha joined Knickerbocker in 2016 working in our Tipp City store before becoming manager of our Xenia location in 2022.  Alysha is a graduate of Wright State University where she also played on the soccer team.  She’s admired for her likability and deep product knowledge.


Springfield Manager

Cindy has managed our Springfield location since 2018.  She’s a springfield native who seems to make friends with everyone she meets.  She’s a wealth of experience and terrific at helping her customers.


Beavercreek Manager

Zack was the assistant manager at our Springfield location for 3 years before becoming manager of the Beavercreek location.  Zack attended Xavier University and loves throwing darts.


Huber Heights Manager

Steve has managed our Huber Heights location since 2016.  He’s a hot tub enthusiast who loves showcasing what he’s passionate about.  Outside of work you’ll find him playing with his grandkids and cracking dad jokes.


Kettering Manager

Megan has been with Knickerbocker since 2015 and has managed our Kettering location since 2022.  Megan knows the company inside and out and has worked at almost all our locations.  Megan is quick to always offer a helping hand.

Cindy C.

Kettering Assistant Manager


Bill H.

Xenia Manager

Bill joined the Knickerbocker team in 2022 following a vibrant career managing food services in a hospital!  His professionalism and competence helped him rise quickly in the ranks to assistant manager.  He’s a spa lover, and can answer any question you have.


Beavercreek Assistant Manager

Preston became an assistant manager in 2023.  Preston attends Sinclair Community College where he is studying for a degree in exercise science.  Outside of work and school, you’ll find him in the gym lifting alarmingly heavy weights!


Tipp City Staff



Kettering Staff



Tipp City Sales Associate



Service Department

Bob is one of our most senior technicians.  He joined the team in 2011 after a very long career in the US Air Force.  After several years as a field technician, he now works in the service office helping customers solve any challenge you can think of.  You’ll oftentimes see him carrying a crock pot of chili to work for all to try!


Heavy Equipment/ CDL



Heavy Equipment Operator



Service Department



Construction Manager

Jack joined Knickerbocker in 2022 on our liner setting crew and has grown quickly in the construction side of the business.  He’s a graduate of Beavercreek High School where he was famously the lead quarterback of the football team!  Jack brings a smile to the job site and the grit to do hard work.


Construction Lead

Xander joined Knickerbocker’s liner team in 2022.  He’s known for his reliability and high quality work.  Xander graduated Beavercreek High School and currently attends Sinclair Community College.


Service Department








Dave A.









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Larry Haverkos
Larry Haverkos
I have only let Knickerbocker service my pool. Well over 20 years, I am a happy customer.
Nancie & Jerry McLees
Nancie & Jerry McLees
Scott did a fabulous job closing my pool!! Thank you so much!
Brent Myers
Brent Myers
Excellent service as usual. I am extremely satisfied as a Knickerbocker customer. Thank you, Brent & Amy Myers
Kirby Miller
Kirby Miller
Very courteous and thorough team. Really appreciate the professionalism that we ALWAYS see from Knickerbocker's people. Thank you!
James Leighty
James Leighty
Excellent job!!
Greg Barbour
Greg Barbour
Friendly, efficient, quick....highly recommended
Sunny Dhingra
Sunny Dhingra
Mark is the lead on this team and he is amazing, professional, kind and does great work.

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