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Our Process

The construction process can last anywhere between 5-8 weeks depending on availability of materials and county inspections.  Below you will find the primary phases  from start to finish.  The process varies depending on custom features selected.


Our excavators spend the first days removing all dirt to meet the exact specifications of the pool blueprint.

Erect Steel Walls

The steel panels are assembled and a concrete footer is poured around the base.


The plumbing lines are installed around the pool and attached to the pool equipment at the pad.

Gravel Backfill

Gravel is placed around the perimeter of the pool between the steel walls and dirt.

Vermiculite Bottom

The vermiculite bottom is troweled in.

Deck Prep

The deck is poured around the pool perimeter.

Liner Installation

The liner is installed and held into place via vacuum while pool fills.

Cover Installation

If pool has a cover,  the cover is installed once water level is full.

Final Finish Grade

Using a Bobcat, the yard around the pool is graded to a point at which it is ready for seed or sod.

More Questions?

Check out our FAQs Page for more information.

Latham Vinyl Liner Patterns
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