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Thank you for the opportunity to help with your swimming pool this season.

Here is our pool closing description, so that our service team can best meet your expectations.

Our in-ground professional pool closing includes winterizing the lines, pump, filter and heater, if applicable. We add two gallons of Sanygen liquid Super Shock, and one half gallon of winterizing solution per 10,000 gallons of water, and one gallon of non-toxic swimming pool antifreeze per skimmer line. Our pool closing also includes putting the cover on, as an option (or customer may choose to put cover on themselves; pricing can be quoted both ways). Approximately a week before our service team comes out, we ask our customers to take a water sample into one of our six stores for free water testing. Our store staff can advise you best as to what chemicals you may need for balancing your pool water to be safe and ready for winter!

Our service teams carry extra winterizing plugs, gizzmos and water bags for solid covers on their trucks, as well as an assortment of other specialty winterizing items they may need to successfully winterize your equipment. Most customers usually have these items from previous years that they lay out for our techs; they can be reused year after year, as long as they are in good shape, but in the event that you do not have them or they are old and need to be discarded, they will be billed accordingly (they are not expensive).

Guarantee — For Knickerbocker pools that we built, we guarantee the plumbing of the pool for the lifetime of the original pool owner, as long as we winterize the pool each year. However, for all other pools, the cost of closings does not include a guarantee; we simply do not have control over the construction and service history of all the pools that we winterize. Trust Knickerbocker Pools for your pool closing, as we have been serving the Miami Valley and Springfield areas as Dayton’s pool professional for over forty years.

We try to price our pool closings as fairly and competitively as possible. The price does not include balancing water chemistry, cleaning, vacuuming, or scooping leaves before covering. It also does not include any repairs to equipment such as filters, pumps, heaters, liners, etc. A note about solar covers: we usually either roll the cover up, and then place it somewhere close to where it will be stored, or we leave it out to dry out some more, per our customer’s request, and then they roll it up and put it away at a later time. Additional service calls may need to be scheduled for repairs; we are happy to quote further service rates.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and as always, we appreciate your business!

Your friends at Knickerbocker Pools & Spas
The Miami Valley’s trusted pool builder since 1976.


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