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To Our Valued Customer

Thank you for the opportunity to help with your swimming pool this season. Here is our pool opening description, so that our service team can best meet your expectations.

Our in-ground professional pool opening includes removing the cover (or customer may choose to remove cover themselves; pricing can be quoted both ways), opening the lines and starting up the pump, filter and heater, if applicable. We add two gallons of Sanygen liquid Super Shock to get your pool started, although more chlorine may be needed. Once your pool is running, we ask our customers to take a water sample into one of our six stores for free water testing. Our store staff can advise you best as to what additional chemicals you may need for balancing your total chlorine and PH, as well as other levels including alkalinity, conditioner, hardness, phosphates, and mineral and salt levels.

We try to price our pool openings to be as fair and competitive as possible. The cost of openings does not include cleaning, vacuuming, hooking up automatic cleaners, or a guarantee of “perfectly clear water” (safety is always paramount; it’s safe to swim when you can see the bottom of the pool). It also does not include any repairs to equipment such as filters, pumps, heaters, liners, etc.

A note about winter covers: When we remove mesh covers, most customers have the storage bag out for us. We roll up the cover and put in the bag, then place it somewhere close to where it will be stored, so that it can finish draining before being put away for the summer. Solid winter covers and water bags are also usually folded up and put away, as requested by the customer. However, solid covers often have excess water, leaves and debris on top; please be advised that pumping time and debris removal time will be billed additionally at the rate of $80/hour, in 15 minute increments.

Additional service calls may need to be scheduled for repairs; we are happy to quote further service rates. Please let us know if you have any questions, and as always, we appreciate your business.

Your friends at Knickerbocker Pools & Spas


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